Minutes of Northop Hall Girls FC AGM 9th July

Minutes of the meeting on 9th July ’18 at 7.00 pm
Clubhouse, Rowleys Drive.

1) Present: Jane Bellis (Chair), Stuart Sigworth (Secretary), Marcia Grundy, Mike Jones, Dave Cooper, Rhian Bradley, Mandy Coutts, Elain Owen, Sam Jones
Apologies: Steve Thomas (Treasurer), Gareth Sharp, Jamie Thomas, Jonathan Fagan
2) Minutes from meeting on 5th June: Proposed by Dave Cooper, Seconded by Mike Jones.
3) Nominations & Elections: No public nominations

Jane Bellis explained her situation for the purposes of being transparent and clear from the outset. Very little available time with work and other charity commitments but for the lack of any other nominations for the role would be prepared to take it on under the agreement that a growth plan be put in place, legal/FAW compliance be met by all coaches, and development strategies for the whole club would be a priority- as this could be tied in to her other work and funding accessed to cover admin expenses and help with the workload that has been needed for the role so far and will be an ongoing commitment. Jane also mentioned plans to develop a leadership scheme for U16’s and ladies where the club would support them with coaching and referee training (which Elain mentioned used to be in place, and also a disability focussed team to be fully inclusive which Mike said he would be interested in helping with. All in agreement and happy for Jane to stay on. Dave proposed and Elain seconded the motion.

Stuart Sigsworth happy to remain as secretary. Mike proposed and Marcia Seconded.

Steve Thomas expressed that he wishes to retire from his role as Treasurer and Ladies Coach to focus on family commitments but is happy to remain within a consultancy role within the club. Those present were happy to hear that Steve is remaining with the club and wanted to thank him for all of the hard work managing the role single handedly. Marcia Grundy happy to take over the role of Treasurer with the support of Jane and Stuart and a new policy to be set up to help with the workload which may include a bookkeeper for 1-2 hours per week and a counter check system and new accounting system to help with funding, compliance and growth. Jane proposed and Dave seconded the motion.

Philippa Havill also expressed that she wishes to retire from her role as Safeguarding officer. Marcia and Jane are both happy to take on the role between them giving 2 safeguarding officers and several coaches also expressed that they would like to go on the upcoming training sessions. Elain proposed and Mike seconded the motion.

Jane also discussed the idea of having sub committees such as a fundraising committee led by Rhian Bradley as Fundraising Coordinator and any parent helpers who would like to volunteer. It was noted that Rhian has worked really hard during the run up to the presentation night and tournament to gather donations and has paved the way for us to get into local supermarkets to access token schemes, bag packing and grants. Tracie Owen was also mentioned as a parent who has gone above and beyond with her fundraising activity and would be a great member of this committee.
Mike suggested that we set up a communications committee to look at branding and streamlining and refining our communications, in particular social media and then manor in which we deliver information to parents and coaches. Ffion happy to help with this and Jane to facilitate a meet up and planning session to get things moving for the new season.

4) Chairs Items

i) .Tournament: Jane congratulated Jonathan and all involved for the most successful tournament to date. Great feedback received so far and other than a few issues with communication and ID checks all went very well. We made a profit of £3581.50, turning over £5557.00 with costs of £1975.50 which is fantastic news and can be mainly attributed to the new ground and the appearance of the sunshine giving us almost £1,400 in ice creams and cold drinks! Plans to be put into place for more games/attractions for next year and candyfloss/popcorn/speciality hot drinks as an alternative if the weather isn’t great. Plans to be discussed for digital ID checks in advance for next year. Plenty of medals are left over for use next year to keep the cost down. We still need to buy a crate of beer for the groundsman as a thank you.

ii) Presentation night: Positive feedback on the whole. Raffle went on for too long so maybe split into 2 next year? Also older groups have to wait a long time and many people have left so discussed the option of swapping year to year and doing oldest to youngest next time. Again trophies left over which can either be used for player of the match for the rest of the year or re badged for next presentation to save money. Ideas discussed to invite ex players to present awards which prompted the discussion of celebrating our achievements more and having a ‘hall of fame’ on the website and using past players success as a PR strategy to encourage new players.

iii) Constitution changes discussed. New constitution to be drawn up in line with legal compliance and distributed to everyone in due course. Marcia asked about contact address -do we need to update contact address and can it be C/O Rowleys Drive rather than someones personal address?

iv) Coaches update: Welcome to 2 new coaches: Sam for the U8’s and Patrick for U14’s. New start forms to be filled in, ID cards, first aid, DBS and any FAW training to be updated for all coaches so that we can get on the register to access more PR. Jane/Stuart to work on a new coaches info pack and mentoring options for new coached with little experience.

v) Registration update: Marcia and Stuart have now processed most of the forms but are still awaiting a few more. Main areas to promote are the new U8’s and U16’s. This to be done via new posters, open training session and Rhys’ Summer camp.

vi) Training plan: Club now settled at new ground and all teams have had training sessions here with positive feedback. Care & Repair are working on ambulance access for Dee Park and we need to try and recruit some volunteers to clear the area and help build a ramp (Elain to try and source this via community service, and coaches/parents who have access to hard core/building supplies and would like to help please get in touch.) All teams have now confirmed their training times and Jane confirmed with Carol.
Ladies would like to train on a Thursday and possibly a Tuesday as an extra session. Marcia has been working on winter pitches and booked Hawarden for many of the teams. Still working on last few.

vii) Summer Camp update: Rhys still taking bookings so posters to be re distributed via all coaches on social media and Jane to send again to head teachers to send via parent mail during the last week of term. Plans to recruit and generate new sign ups during this time.

viii) Ladies Update: Elain attended the Ladies AGM and was made aware of the suspension details which resulted in our girls spending 6 weeks without playing and then fulfilling al but 1 fixture which was a massive undertaking in the time with multiple matches in the same week. Our Ladies won the championship so big congratulations to all. Unfortunately they were not presented with their trophies so Elain made them aware that we were not happy with the lack of recognition for such an achievement and we have been assured that they will come to us to do a presentation at a later date. It was suggested that it would be a nice idea to involve the younger groups with this. Discussion around 1st and 2nd division development and feeding up to the premiership. All present confirmed that the club is fully supportive of our ladies working up to the premiership and this would be a fantastic way to achieve the growth we want and inspire the community and our younger players. Elain to look into the logistics and costs associated with this and feed back to the committee at a later date. Discussion around coach leader training working from C, B and eventually A as an aspirational goal. Policy to be put in place by Jane & Stuart to protect club funds when facilitating coached CPD. Elain also mentioned kits for ladies needs to be fitted and not mens sizes and also for the u16’s.

ix) Incentive scheme for players: **Before the discussion started Dave mentioned that there will be a demo day on 13th August with all of the clubs showing skills in front of investors so it would be good to have some presence to help Care & Repair do this. Sam suggested the idea of putting on a mini tournament session while they are there. Elain suggested getting bulk tickets for the Wales/England game in Newport and will look into sourcing these and at what cost. Coach hire to take the girls? Jane suggested a budget of £250 per team after tournament each year as an end of season incentive. Rhys suggested by proxy that a club event at connah’s quay swimming baths at £200 for 2 hours would be good as a fitness fun day.

x) Growth & Development plan: To become a standing item on the agenda. Plan to set up a players committee with one nominated player from each team to sit in on specific meetings bi-annually and feedback to players to help make decisions on actions that affect them. Feedback will then come to full committee to work through and make decisions at full meetings.

5) Treasurers Report:
£5,924.68 in bank
£250.15 cash

Marcia and Stuart to take over banking with Jane cross checking and a new budget and growth plan put into place over the coming months so that we can plan what we want to purchase for the club, how it will be funded, and set a minimum fund to be kept in the bank. Budgets for training and development, team building and kits & equipment to be set for each year and when we want something specific which may be a large outlay, corporate sponsorship and grants will be looked into. Rhian to organise and liase with Marcia and Stuart on this.

Online banking to be set up with app to assist with bookkeeping and accounts. Marcia and Stuart happy to deal with book keeping for 6 months as a trial before deciding whether we need a book keeper for 1-2 hours per week.

Fees for this season to stay the same but have a much tighter control and monitoring system. Those who wish to pay in full will be invited on kit handover day and those who wish to pay D/D will have details and be given

U 6-8: £45 one off fee
U9-U10: £8 per month over 9 months (£72 total)
U11-U16: £15 per month over 9 months (£135 total)
Ladies: £16.60 per month over 9 months (or £37.50 quarterly, or £75 bi annual – £150 total)

Elain to let us know about fees to register with the womens North Wales FA

6) Kits
Decision to be made within meeting regarding new kits and action taken immediately. Jane mentioned that the club seemed to have had a few years of procrastination around this area and no resolution in place yet so hard decisions needed to be made for the good of the club and for the purposes of sorting out the main issues that everyone came up with when she took over. Everyone wanted full kits for all age groups bot nobody could come to agreements about the way forward.

Jane’s suggestion was to use some of the funding from the tournament as we weren’t expecting it, match funded by a 50/50 split between ASDA sports development grant and Andy Owen local business sponsorship. This would be a spread investment so low risk to the club and good for local business, as well as giving each player a full kit so that we can start as we mean to go on as a club with our new ground. Mike had mentioned that our latest kits were only 18 months old and so a waste of money if we just replace them. Jane mentioned that the club could sponsor a girls team overseas in a developing country and send old ones over, which would help with our PR and future funding.

Discussion over capping numbers per team to ensure fairness across the club. Lots of numbers discussed but Dave proposed that 18 be a max guide and any others sent over to other appropriate age groups who may be struggling. All agreed.

Name change discussed as Dave had mentioned our new ground doesn’t reflect the name, and if we are investing in new kits we need to be mindful that they will be in place for a few years so if we are to change names it needs to be now.

Final Kit decision: Name to remain the same. New kits to be ordered with the funding strategy as above. Jane & Rhian to access ASDA grant ASAP. Andy Owen to forward company logo to Jane. Blue kit to be handed in on a set date over the next few weeks and sorted by Jane, Marcia, Stuart & Rhian to be re distributed as our away kit. New kits to be ordered via Janes contact (or Pendle Sports – Elain has contact and has used before – we will see who has the best quote and quickest turnaround). Colour/design to be chosen, top 3 by coaches and then votes from players and parents in the next week or so.

Any excess kits/equipment we don’t need will be sent overseas to a team we will twin with and offer support/connection to our players.

Future budget/plan set for tracksuits/raincoats/hats/water bottles and coaches kits.

7) AOB: None

8) Date of next meeting: Not set at time but Jane would like to suggest Monday 13th July as the start of new season training 7-8pm

Discussion following the meeting by coaches & management decided on the following top 3 new kit colours & styles to be voted on by players and parents:

Minutes of Club Meeting 5th June at Rowleys Drive

Minutes of the meeting on 5th June 2018 at 7.30 pm
Clubhouse, Rowleys Drive.

Present: Jane Bellis (Chair), Steve Thomas (Treasurer), Marcia Grundy, Dave Cooper, Jamie Thomas, Jonathan Fagan, Mandy Coutts, Rhys Cooper, Ffion Cooper, John Albiston, Gareth Sharp, Dean (U14’s) Parent & New Parent Representitives.

Apologies: Stuart Sigworth (Secretary), Dave Butler, Phillipa Havill (Safeguarding Officer),

1. Chairs Items:

i) Jane updated all on the move to Rowleys Drive so far. All have been happy with first weeks training sessions with the club all together, Dave & Jane mentioned a few teething problems with regard to other clubs booked in to the site which we weren’t aware of on certain days (The Valkyries Rugby being one), so a little bit of moving about which we expected but everyone has been great so far.

ii) Jane & Dave C updated on risk assessment/health & safety regarding medical access to Dee Park. We have had an injury to an away team player since moving to the site and so possible issues have been raised with Care & Repair working on contingency plans and will keep us updated. Accident book and report by Jane has been logged and player & parents checked on via the clubs with Northop Halls best wishes sent to the player and her family. Jane is making it a priority to ensure that new first aid kits for each age group are in place to make sure we have all we need for any eventuality. The plan is to be as proactive as we can rather than reactive moving forward.

iii) Legals: Still a few outstanding numbers from coaches which need to be in place for all before the start of next season. Steve mentioned that there is a small brown envelope that should be available from FAW once the Leaders Course has been completed and all coaches are to send off 2 passport photos to receive their badge which should be worn at all times. Steve to chase where we get these from so we can action those outstanding. FLA URN still needed for some coaches, this is found on the website when logging in to coaches individual page to access certificates etc so needs to be completed by all asap. Marcia updated the group that within the next 2 weeks we will be set up to be able to do all of our own DBS checks in house which should make things a lot easier. Dave C is also looking to help get us some first aid training and defibrillator training in house at the club ground so all coaches and any parents who would like to attend can do this in one go. Jane to distribute website containing all details for upcoming courses. FLA/SAFEGUARDING/FIRST AID are all essential.

iv) New Coaches: Urgent matter to ensure all girls stay with us for next season and all coaches not continuing are replaced with the right training and legals in place. Jane asked for all coaches to gather details from their parents who may want to do this in the future so that we can have several options in place at any time. Ideall we would like a head coach and at least 1 parent who has been on the leaders course and had all of the checks completed so that the pressure isn’t on just one person and we have contingencies that are compliant. Jane/Marcia/Stuart to put a coaches pack in place detailing the role and responsibilities, compulsory training, and support/leadership in place for them to access if they need anything. There will also be a code of conduct and training guide in place. Discussion over whether coaches source and pay for their training and then claim back from the club?

Coaches we know are not continuing next season: Chris Goble (U8’s), Peter Roberts (U14’s), Mark Allen (U13’s). John A and Steve are both contacting Chris for parents details, Jane has phone numbers for them from Chris but has no time to make calls, Dave B said he could help with this so Jane has forwarded. We can also speak to parents at presentation night to see if anybody would like to take over. Dean is potentially looking at coaching the 16’s next year (current 14’s), we need to find a replacement for Mark and at least one other person for each age group. Jane asked all to think of ideas and people who may be willing. Idea to contact Universities for sports degree students. Rhys mentioned a couple of locations we can try.

v) Sign ups for next season. New plans in place to try and make things more efficient. Marcia will have all paperwork ready by next week and all coaches now have the training pack to print off themselves however many are needed. Dates set for Marcia and Stuart to be present at the Clubhouse on Monday 11th June for U11’s, U12’s and U13’s (during and after training), Tuesday 12th June for U8s & U9’s, U14’s and U16’s (need to connect with parents from Chris’s team and let them know. U 16’s not training due to exams but we will try and get a few parents to come down), Wed 13th June U10’s and anyone who cant make the other dates. Coaches to let parents know as soon as Marica gives the green light and Jane to post on FB page. Parents need to bring 2 passport pics with them. We will try to get as many signed up before presentation night as we can and then let parents know that they can bring pics with them if they couldn’t make it in the week. Any others outstanding Jane & Marcia will be present on Monday 18th during training so an announcement can be made during presentation night about that. * During sign ups Marcia and Stuart will collect all emails from parents that Jane will turn into a database for a monthly newsletter. The question will also be asked of all if they would consider coaching or refereeing and be prepared to do the training so they can be called on occasionally or would like to be a head coach. Jane will follow up with the new coach volunteer pack and Marcia will help to action accordingly.

vi) Summer Camp update: Rhys updated the group, some bookings already coming in. Posters/flyers ready and being sent out. New parent had idea to contact local schools and use parentmail to promote and recruit new sign ups. Jane attending a Head teachers meeting in a couple of weeks so will action this. Another idea from the parent was to see if we can get a shout out on local radio to promote summer camp. Rhys to continue on with recruitment and all to help promote and let parents know. Anyone booking on needs to email Rhys for a booking form.

vii) Winter training: Discussion continued about pre booking winter pitches in order to keep training together. Ideas for Deeside, Mold, Hawarden High School, Holywell and Chester. All to research and ask questions before next meeting so that we can look at potentially block booking somewhere by July/August.

2. Treasurers Report

i) Trustees report and annual accounts now up to date and submitted. Steve to collate info for latest accounts now ready for submission and new accounting spreadsheet to be set up by Jane for efficiency moving forward.
ii) Steve confirmed that we have £6,423.26 in the bank and £20 cash plus cash collected at meeting for subs owed which hasn’t been counted yet. Bills have all been paid to Deeside. Jane spoke about the urgency of making sure all age groups are up to date with subs and direct debits in place for next season to become cash free and find better accounting system. Several subs still outstanding so Steve to chase these.
iii) Steve will now action spend for first aid kits and new balls on the agreement of the group. Jane to send links and confirm spend.

3. Age Group Reports

U8’s – no representative present
U9’s & 10’s – 15 players, mixed teams. Doing well. 2 teams in league final on Sat.
U10’s – Have played in Semi and Quarter finals and several tournaments and have had their first international game (Isle of Man!)
U11’s – Plate final on Saturday against Llanrwst at Kinmel Bay. 8 Tournament games played over bank holiday and they are in 3 tournaments this month!
U12’s – Finished mid table in the league. Had semi and quarter finals within 2 days so the girls did well. Thursday 2nd August they have an international fixture against a team from Denver, Colorado!
U13’s – Finished at the bottom end after a really tough season as the youngest. Girls kept going and didn’t give up so did well.
U14’s – Were pretty much unbeaten other than the final 2 games at the end of the season.
U16’s – Were beaten in the semi finals of the Shield. Tough for the girls as there were lots of unfortunate elements against them on the day but they have had a great season so onward and upwards!
Ladies – Won the cup and the league! Brilliant finish to the season and a big well done to Steve and the Ladies!

4. Kits and Growth Plan/Funding
i) Jamie brought some brochures for kits and accessories so will compare with current suppliers and Janes contact for best value moving forwards
ii) Community Chest Grant – we can apply for this but need a plan for what we want to spend it on. New first aid kits a priority for each age group so Steve to action 9 x kits purchase immediately with Club funds so they will be taken off the plan for community chest. New Goals? Footballs? Ideas for next meeting so that we can action for next season.
iii) Marcia found a link for a special offer 28 x balls for £65 from sports direct (down from £223) – we need these for the ‘beat the keeper’ at the tournament so Steve to action this asap. These can be used as training balls afterwards.
iv) New banner for the tournament and potentially some official tshirts for coaches and officials to wear. Jane to source and action with Steve.
v) We now have one of the garages on site allocated to our club for storage so we can now store all of our equipment and see what we need to add/replace.
vi) Parent ideas to look at the counter scheme in supermarkets – a minimum £1000 if we are accepted. Marcia and Jane to research
vii) Dave mentioned that coaches with official badges could go into supermarkets and ask for donations for the tournament – bottles of water, burger rolls, crisps etc.

5. Tournament
i) Marcia and Jane have been working on volunteers and just need a few more for the Sunday now, all asked to let them know if they come up with anybody.
ii) Discussed the use of a TV screen and laptop rather than the boards for scoring – Rhys was concerned that things may go wrong so it was agreed to use both and test out the new method this year. Dave B to find the boards and Mike to look at using excel with a flat screen monitor and laptop.
iii) Dave to source meat, Stu to bring BBQ. Discussion about makro/Costco or Dave has heard of somewhere that does sale or return? Dave to get more info so we can compare.
iv) Coaches to help set goals up on the Friday evening from 6.30pm. Set up from 7am on the Saturday and from 8am on the Sunday. Car parking attendants from 8.30am both days.
v) Funds to be communicated and celebrated to club and parents following event with a plan for what we want to use it for? **Sub committee meeting discussed new cash system with lockable cash boxes to be collected regularly by Jane and counted/witnessed and logged with a final count witnessed on the Sunday and handed to Steve for banking.

6. Presentation Night
Steve has now had all names in from coaches other than U8’s – will contact Chris to double check as is concerned that either not enough or too many trophies will be ordered. DJ is booked and can be paid on the night. Raffle and tombola prizes are being collected by Marcia – raffle going well but we need more tombola prizes. All coaches to ask parents to bring something to training next week if possible.

7. Date of next meeting
This was not set but I would like to suggest Monday 9th July at 7.00pm for 1 hour. Focus will be on discussion on Presentation night and tournament with an evaluation of both ready for next year and a plan for what we would like to do with our funding and how we will communicate these events and plans for next season to parents.

Minutes of Committee Meeting dated 29th April 2018

Notes of the meeting on 29th April 2018 at 7.00 pm

Present: Jane Bellis (Chair), Steve Thomas (Treasurer/Vice Chair/Ladies), Stuart Sigworth (Secretary), Marcia Grundy (U13s), Dave Cooper (U16s), Ffion Cooper (Player), Rhys Cooper (U16s), Gareth Sharp (U12s), Jamie Thomas (U11s), Mandy Coutts (U10s Parent Rep), Andy Owen (U12s parent), Mark Small (U12s parent).

Apologies: Dave Butler, Jonathan Fagan, Philippa Havill, Peter Roberts

1. Minutes from 4th March agreed by Jane Bellis and seconded by Marcia Grundy.


i) Pitch update: Positive update from meeting with Claire Wilson regarding Rowleys Drive/Dee Park as a new home ground for the entire club as of next season. Development in certain areas required and long term funding and development of entire site is currently being planned subject to acquisition which is imminent and will be updated by Claire.

For the new season we should have 2 full pitches at the Dee Park site and also use of the pitch at Rowleys Drive for matches and training and specific area will be set aside by the old club house specifically for training for us as well. Far pitch is in need of new goals and this is something being looked into by Claire, and Shotton Town Utd are keen to team up and collaborate with us, sharing their goals and resources wherever possible.

All those in attendance are happy and in agreement that we should go ahead and look at training days and times (Dave C to enquire) and logistics regarding match days for all moving forward for all age groups including the Ladies on Sundays. Dave/Marcia/Jane to facilitate all teams playing a game on Dee park to see what they think and tournament is already set for Rowleys Drive site so parents, coaches and officials will be able to get a feel for the space and give feedback. Moving forward we will look at areas of development and growth with this opportunity for a new start and rebuild the club back to a strong, cohesive unit. We will also ensure that relevant documents/paperwork/contracts are in place and counter checked before signing into to protect all parties.

ii) Club infrastructure & strategy for growth: Jane talked about the workload involved with breaking down previous issues with the management and admin of the club and ensuring that all policies and procedures are accurate and compliant as a priority. Issues still relating to basic details from coaches that need to be actioned immediately and also new systems in place which are being worked on to make sure that all coaches follow an induction procedure and conform to legal obligations from the offset, with clear plans in place for replacements in the event of a coach retiring from the club.

New data forms in line with new data protection laws and as a new start to gather all parent info for each age group is to be implemented immediately – it was agreed that email addresses are needed so that we can start to send out a newsletter to parents with updates and also encourage more engagement and parent volunteers. Each age group should have a parent representative that is also DRB checked and DRB’s are non transferable and should be completed for the club for anybody who has access to the players WITHOUT exception. It was suggested that Dave Cooper consider staying on if Ffion is happy to stay and coach the girls and Rhys is keen to help that he could act as our coach mentor and assist new coaches, particularly if we can plan all age groups training sessions to be together 1-2 evenings per week. This will also help the club to engage more as a whole and players and coaches to interact and see each other more regularly.

iii) Winter training: Marcia suggested that we start to look into block booking 3G pitches for winter training asap so that we can coordinate training together and facilitate the above coach/mentor idea. Mold seems to be the cheapest option at the moment but Deeside/Airbus/Connah’s Quay and Hawarden High were also mentioned. (Deeside too small for older age groups) Those present tasked with researching any pitches they know of and enquiring about fees and availability for multiple bookings, Steve will find out about Mold/Deeside – if no further information is presented by next meeting we will consider pushing forward with Mold as this is our most cost effective option.

iv) Summer Training: Contract at Northop ends on 31st May so Dave C to confirm training nights available at Rowleys/Dee Park going forward to June/July and beyond for whole club.

v) Summer Camp: Rhys has been working on this. Separate meeting and committee to be formed for this. Plan for all ages up to 14 provisionally on 1-3 August at Rowleys Drive (Rhys to check dates and then Dave C to check with Claire and book in). Stuart has done provisional poster to advertise and this can be something to put in a parent newsletter and on all whatsapp groups once confirmed. Safeguarding plans/risk assessments etc need to be checked and put into place which will be done at specific meeting. Initial info to be distributed as soon as dates confirmed so that Rhys can monitor interest and start to plan costs and breakeven figure. £10 per player per day was mentioned as a cost for parents. Inspirational female players and older age groups to be approached to get involved and Rhys will have a stall at the tournament to advertise and gather interest.

vi) Databases, Registration & Signing on: It was agreed by all that we need to start from the ground up with some elements, particularly with new data protection laws so Jane to develop and email out to all coaches a blank database spreadsheet for parent names, numbers and emails for each age group to be actioned immediately. This can also include space for parents to nominate their player of the year to replace the Whole Club Award (Parents Award) This needs to be actioned straight away with no exceptions.

As previously mentioned this needs to be the same with coaches, parent representatives and any other persons coming into contact with players such as assistant coaches, even temporary ones so an ‘officials’ sheet will also be emailed over to each coach in the same format but for anybody wishing to volunteer in any way. With several gaps to be filled in for our coaches this also needs to be a priority and will be actioned within the next few days. Anybody we do not have ALL details for will not be allowed to coach and training/matches will cease until all details are confirmed to be up to date. Dave C to put together ideas for a coaches pack similar to players signing on with rules & regs, code of conduct, policies and procedures and what is required of them with regard to training, DRB, FAW, FLA and first aid and what support is available to them in terms of coach mentoring.

Moving forward there will also be a more comprehensive signing on pack for parents with Registration document (Stuart), code of conduct, and kit agreement (updated with annual kit exchange programme as part of the terms). *We will add a general newsletter from Chair with info about parent volunteers wanted and fb,whatsapp and email newsletter so they are aware of the info sharing and lines of communication. We will have a sign up stall alongside Rhys at the tournament to make the process as efficient as possible so will need to look into printing enough packs and making parents aware that they will need to bring passport photos and sign up there and then. Email address collection will be a priority here.

Safeguarding: Marcia to work with Philippa to look into courses and up to date policies.

3. Treasurers Report: All submissions now in to Charities Commission, all bills paid and £3817 in the bank. New accounting system in place with tax year end as opposed to seasonal which will make it easier to be compliant moving forward. Steve to do a more comprehensive financial report quarterly moving forward with details of what we are spending or planning to spend in line with new growth objectives and club needs and what is outstanding in terms of subs. We will also have plans for funding from Tournament and Rhys summer camp so that we can monitor our effectiveness and make efficient use of funds. Steve to send up to date list of subs to chase to each coach and this to be done and up to date by next meeting. Steve, Dave B and Stuart to produce a trustees report on 2016/17 accounts within the next 2 weeks.

4. Age group reports:

U8’s – no rep (discussed Chris G leaving us soon and action planned replacement strategy with Dave B contacting parents next week to find replacement and new procedure as above moving forward)

U9’s – no rep

U10’s – Mandy (parent rep)

U11’s – Concern raised regarding another club contacting girls directly against league rules. Will monitor and consider formal action if we deem in necessary at any point. No action for now. Other than that all good.

U12’2 – playing in Prestatyn tournament. Will finish middle 6 in league.Awaiting to see who they will be playing for cup game.

U13’s – 3 league games left to play

U14’s – no rep

U16’s – 1 Game left to play. Drawn Caernarfon in Cup game

U18’s – no further progress

Ladies – NEWFA Cup final winners, great news so congratulations to Steve and the ladies! 4-1 against Denbigh. Currently top of the league with 5 games left to play.

*Mentioned a second time that we need to have more assistant/parent reps who are DBS checked and preferably been on leaders and first aid courses so we can have cover for training if someone steps down.

5. Kits: Jane looking into funding for new kits for whole club moving forward (this will take some time so need an interim plan for at least next season).

i) Jane has cheapest quote for £23 junior and £25 adults full kits including printing. Steve to check prices from Queensferry Sports to compare and Andy Owen to check his contact (Jomar) for pricing and availability also. Priority questions to ask will be how much and how quick for a) single kit b) whole team c) whole club. (discount should be applied for bulk orders so we can see whether its worth doing all at once or team by team) Jane to check whether badges are printed or embroidered.
ii) £5k approx. for whole team kits last time so everyone encouraged to research and see if we can get that down.
iii) Kit hand down: Best plan is to continue with sign up day at tournament but set up separate date of Sunday 8th July for a family day at Rowleys Drive to encourage parents to come and check out the new home ground together. Will plan a BBQ, some activities and get the ladies involved to encourage and inspire the younger ages with Rhys signing up for Summer Camp and ALL parents to bring back kits and hand in to coaches (This can all be explained in newsletter and social media in advance)
Kits can then be sorted and distributed down to get us through the next season. Mandy suggested that older age groups hand theirs in first so there are kits to hand down. Jane suggested maybe setting up the activity/bbq to run from 2-5pm but have staggered times for teams from oldest to youngest to come and do kit hand ins from 12pm so we can get them sorted and ready to hand down. Any outstanding registrations forms can also be mopped up here as they need to be in by August 1st. Ideas welcome.

6. Funding: Jane talked about needing to develop a growth strategy and specific ideas for what we need so that we can cost them out and put in some funding bids as there is a lot of funding out there that we are not tapping in to. This is a very big task and difficult for just one person so help and support will be needed. Jane working on ideas for new First Aid kits per team, first aid update training, Goals, Coaches kits, training and match balls etc. More ideas welcome.

7. Tournament: Currently full in most age groups, 58 out of 64 spaces taken which is great so big thanks to Jonathan for his hard work here. 2 spaces left in U13’s, 3 in U16’s and 1 in U8’s

8. Presentation Night: Confirmed as Sat 16th June at Navy Club, Connah’s Quay. Number of players per team required for Steve asap in order to organised trophies. Anybody with contacts for trophies to let us know asap how much so we can compare to Dragon who are expensive. Andy to check with Chester Trophy company. If we have no time to make saving this year will look into alternatives for next year. U8’s have 8/9 players listed as paying subs but over 20 at training? Needs to be checked and confirmed asap.

Steve to send out form per team for Players Player, Managers Player, Most improved player and either Club (usual) or Parents (new) player.

9. Date of next meeting: set for Sunday 27th May at Northop Pavilion at 7pm.

Minutes of Committee Meeting 4th March 2018

Northop Hall Girls FC Meeting Minutes – 4th March 2018

Attended: Steve Thomas, Mark Small, Jane Bellis, Stu Sigsworth, Mandy Coutts, Mike Jones, Marcia Grundy, Dave Cooper, Jonathan Fagan, Mark Allen

Apologies Peter, Dan, Jamie, John Albiston, Philippa

Minutes from last meeting accepted. Jonathan proposed and Jane seconded.

Chairman’s notes
Feedback from recent correspondence – club needs to get together and stop being so fragmented. Concerns about training at different times, different kit, cohesion needed. Chairman has done skills checking, self assessment forms for each coach to fill out etc.. Aiming to get them all back today. 7 email responses from different coaches etc.. about the state of the club. Positive generally but stuff to work on.

Treasurers report
Paid all bills apart from Jamie’s invoices. Issues about Aura invoicing each coach. Steve going to prepare for October now and block book now for everyone.
Grass pitches – looking at £700 for the Pavilion.
Bank account balance: not yet got
Cash: not yet got
Subs – not bad at all.
Charity Commission – Steve Thomas indicated that he had now submitted accounts. These were the figures he had prepared for the end of the season and not for April 2016 to March 2017. Will need to see if the charity commission accept them.
Aura – update. Need constitution and DBS list – Stu has a list of all the numbers for the club. Steve trying to coordinate all the invoices to come together.

Age Groups
Under 8s –
Under 9s – now have kit
Under 10s – not done anything since last time and nothing to report.
Under 11s –
Under 12s – not played a lot – losing streak, challenging to get the girls on. Issues re how to get all the girls playing. Lots of players potentially coming into the team next season as well. Discussion re mixing the age groups next year. Mike thinks enough teams to split into two. Consideration whether we can arrange to split the teams next year into groups not based on age within the two age years for each league. Under 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s and 14s.
Mike to email Jane re age groups and approaching the league about the age split.
Under 13s – getting beaten but enjoying it!
Under 14s –
Under 16s – lost most recent games – Wrexham – played really well. Bethel – not the best of experiences!
Ladies – Welsh FA are running the league. Chaos. Everyone is back in the league. Rhyl also in. Fixtures – 26 in 16 weeks. Asked about playing midweek fixtures. top of the league and in the final of the NEWFA cup.

Confidential Discussion – if anyone within the club would like to read this section please email under10s@northophallgirlsfc.co.uk

GetLogod – proposed as a supplier but still not agreed…
Same discussion as previous meetings re kit. Mike Jones wants to do a kit swap – this was agreed.
Jonathan proposed we sort out a kit supplier we can go to as it is embarrassing for the club not to be able to offer new parents kit and for it to take months to sort out.
Jane suggested a signing on night and kit return night. 1 week after the tournament, so possibly the 7/8 July or thereabouts. All players to return kit. One coach to hand down kit from their team to the next coach. Anything missing needs to be noted. Agreed by all present.
Supplier suggested – Jane’s connection. Costs are Kit £25 adults, £23 kids. John Wainwright – kit supplier. Discount for full team order. Supplies Lotto kit. Jane to get samples.


46 teams now signed up, a few paid already and 64 teams expected in total. Parking at the archery area. St Johns ambulance contacted. Meeting in April to discuss tournament and organise. Referees – need to get some booked in. Steve Thomas going to ask referees to cover for 1st July.

Bethan available to ref games now.

Ladies – football news
£750 cheque given for getting to the quarter finals of the Welsh Cup. Committee offered their congratulations to the Ladies team.

Presentation Night
Saturday 16th June. Connahs Quay Navy Club.
Trophies – Jane going to look at prices for trophies for the tournament/presentation night.

Next meeting Sunday 8th April. 7pm NHGFC Pavilion.
Tournament entries for 2018 – agreed that the club will fund £60 per age group. All coaches to be made aware.

Northop Hall Girls FC Meeting Minutes 4th February 2018

Minutes of Club Meeting – 4th February 2018

Northop Hall Pavilion


Jonathan Fagan, Dave Butler, Dave Cooper, Steve Thomas, Gareth Sharp, Marcia Grundy, Philippa Havill, Jamie Thomas, Mark Allen, Stu Sigsworth, Mike Jones, Peter Roberts and Jane Bellis.


Dan Parsons, John Albiston, Mandy Coutts

Last minutes – approved by the committee.

Treasurers Report

We have £5,868.44 in the bank and £197.41 in cash. There have been issues with the bank statements.

Aura billing issues. Steve has had a meeting with Aura – all the pitches are being invoiced by separate invoices and turning into a nightmare. He is going to ask them to put all the invoices together as one.

Steve confirmed that the Charity Commission figures were done and the return completed. Didn’t have the figures to hand but confirmed that the club had plenty of money in the bank account to keep going.

Club Constitution – apparently if we submit a copy of our constitution Aura will give us £5 off a training session. Apparently Aura will give us a discount for being DBS checked as well – we need to get the details across to them. Steve Thomas confirmed that he would find out full details and report back to the club.

Age Group Reports

U8s (not in attendance).

U9s (not in attendance)

U10s – 12 girls – very strong side this year. Festivals going strong. Used Northop school pitch on one occasion – suitable for u8s, 9s and 10s if not too wet.

U11s – 11 girls. Has kit. Got first point.

U12s – 15 girls. Had bad run recently. Referees have been interesting. NH the only team who pay referees. Others teams are not doing this.

U13s – Wayne has been unable to continue. Ffion and Will has been doing training. One of the dads has taken over. Connahs Quay pitch has been OK. 11 girls currently. Mark Allen – now coach. Steve has offered to help. Discussed age groups merging. Player recruitment – Jonathan suggested speaking to the football development manager for Flintshire (Aura).

U14s – doing ok. Drawn 1 won 10. 3 girls left at Xmas so struggling for players – currently on 11. Difficult finding refs at the moment.

U16s – down to bare bones – played 3 this year, won 2 lost 1. 11-12 girls turning out. Few injuries. Dave has spoken to Dan – 6-7 staying in u16s so reasonable size. Issue with coaches for next year. Dave has also asked the league to look at u18/u19 team. Issue with u16s going to ladies. Keen for something to be created for next year..

Ladies – 21 in the team. Currently suspended by the FAW due to ongoing issue with Rhyl and the NEWFA. Rhyl want development side in north wales – league have refused. No games being played. League committee have been suspended. FAW are setting up a new league and all teams are expected to join them. To get all the matches in ladies are going to have to play midweek and weekends until end of May. So not sure where this is going at the moment… Ladies are in the NEWFA cup final. From this weekend going forwards – if NHGFC go into the new league they can continue. Talking about doing an u18 team. Club decision has been made to join the new league. The ladies are going to get c.£1000 for the cup run. Lost 7-0 in the Quarter Final to a South Wales side. Currently top of the league.


General discussion had regarding pitches for next year. No pitches if Phoenix take over the Pavilion. Steve has issues with the changing rooms – filthy and need cleaning before they are used.

U13s haven’t played at Connahs Quay – pitches are unusable at the moment. However seems to be across the board for all clubs at the moment due to the bad weather.

Confidential discussion regarding pitches for next year – if anyone in the club wants to read this section please email Jonathan Fagan at under10s@northophallgirlsfc.co.uk. 

Steve suggested sorting out pitches asap so don’t miss out on them.



After 2 ½ years Dave Butler has decided to step down. The club expressed its thanks for his sterling work over the years and his input into the club and wished him all the best for the future.

Chairman discussion. Steve suggested doing it until the end of the season as a group.

Jonathan nominated Dave Cooper as chairman. Dave Cooper declined.

Steve Thomas offered to help any chairperson.

Jane Bellis offered to stand as chairperson until the end of the season. Jonathan Fagan nominated, Steve Thomas seconded.

Steve Thomas to be Vice Chairman and assist Jane.

Vote of thanks to Dave Butler for his work over the two and a half years.


Kits – everyone sorted out at the moment. Sports Direct apparently have the club kit on their website.

Jamie reminded the club of the suggestion that we get one supplier and do it asap. Shotton supplier has talked about us being a sole person – Get Logo’d. Sorted within the next 2-3 months. Joma – other option – opened office in Sandicroft. Good gear.

MIke suggested having a signing on session and handing down kit.

Jonathan suggested having both – recognised supplier and a hand down evening.


30th June and 1st July. All NHGFC teams need to tell Jonathan if they are playing by the end of February so he can keep a place open for them. Plenty of teams signing up already. Dave Cooper is sorting out Corus for the location – will chase up to definitely confirm.

Next Meeting

4th March at 7pm. Northop Hall Pavilion (will need booking).


Northop Hall Girls FC Meeting Minutes 26th November 2017

Meeting on Sunday 26th November 2017 7pm to 8.35pm.

Apologies from: Wayne Marcia Philippa Rhys John albiston.

Attending: Mandy Coutts, Mike Jones, Dave Butler (chair), Dan Parsons, Jamie Thomas, Gareth Bale, Dave Cooper, Jonathan Fagan

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Finance report – Steve Thomas not attending – to be provided separately. Need to check re subs – Steve Thomas has a book to check these off in.

Grants & Donations

U13s have MACP, Hayes Travel and Mark Allen Construction Limited. They have a sponsored tracksuit and coat.

U12s have sponsorship. See last minutes for details.

Easyfundraising – Mike to check but thinks current level £115.

Community chest – £1500. Awaiting confirmation that the last grant has been signed off, although may simply apply. Suggestions for application include getting new goals for the tournaments.

Age Reports

U8s – have not been attending festivals. Stu going to check all ok as no-one has heard from Chris Goble for some time.

U9s -have been at the league festivals.

U10s – all going well – strong side this year. Jonathan busy with the league festivals – recently booked Colwyn Bay (Eirias Park) for 3 dates – NHGFC are going to get billed and we then need to claim this back off the league.

U11s – just about got enough girls. 11s not winning but this is fairly usual due to the age difference.

U12s – struggling with players being available. 15 too many players. League has a lot of teams pulling out. Quite a few teams are not playing games. 12s going to email re meeting where sorting out the teams. Training ok at deeside.

U13s – 13 players – scraping 11 each week. Some teams more sporting than others (!). Wayne working away – Ffion and Will helping one of the parents to coach the team. Lost at the start and got better.

U14s – training at flint. 13 players. Top of the league. All good. Some teams let down with numbers. Raised kit issue – wanting them.

U16s – all fine – good turnout for training – 13-14 to games. Girls enjoying Rowleys Drive.

Ladies – no news but seem to be going well.

Safeguarding – issue arose re another club – Facebook comments about poaching players. All sorted.

Goalkeeping coaching by Fraser – thought it went well – club keen for him to carry on when permits. Club very grateful to Fraser for his time.

League news – meeting re pitches, sizes, player numbers. Dave suggested raising re referees and having paid refs. Whole club agree that need to continue having paid refs.

Pavilion and Pitches

Meeting tomorrow night – future use of Northop Hall Pavilion. Dave sent email re pavilion and email correspondence re teams – 7 teams but a good number not able to play there anymore. Controversy re bill.

Deeside Phoenix – Sarah Griffiths – had chat with Dave Butler – they want to have priority on the pitches. They haven’t yet got the transfer in. We paid £2000 last year to the Pavilion. If Phoenix get the Pavilion they would welcome us but no Saturday mornings which means the Pavilion will be no good to us. At the moment there are no figures for building. Phoenix concerned that no figures. Asset transfer meeting next week.


If Phoenix thing takes place – as a club we will definitely need to move to find new pitches and a base. Booking system isn’t showing who is booking what – not being kept up to date and NHGFC booking requests seem to be ignored at times.

Other options have been mentioned – confidential discussion had re this – if anyone wants details please contact Dave Butler.


U14s info is not correct – need to get it changed. Send out email re amending website for coaches. New badge – add it on.

Tournament – Dave Cooper to speak to Clare at Corus.

Xmas Party

Each team to get £50.


Connahs Quay – lotto kit. £20 a kit. Jonathan suggested we find a supplier to do kit and then tell parents to go down to the store and buy their own. Dave Butler proposes nominating Get Logoed as the club supplier – any parents need kit then go down there and speak to club about reimbursement.

2 years ago all got training coats but getting a bit small now – may need to sort out new jackets at some point.

Mike suggested that we have a pass down session. Jonathan nominated Mike to sort out kit.


Minutes of Northop Hall Girls and Ladies FC Sunday 17th September 2017

Minutes of Northop Hall Girls FC meeting Sunday 17th September 2017

Location: Northop Hall Pavilion.

Present: Dave Butler (chair), Steve Thomas (treasurer, Ladies), Gareth Sharp (u12s), Dave Cooper (u16s), Peter Roberts (u14s), Stu Sigsworth (Secretary), Gareth Sharp (u11s), Mandy Coutts (u10s parent rep), Marcia Grundy (u13s), Jonathan Fagan (u10s), Jamie Thomas (u11s).

Apologies: Philippa Havill (CWO)

Matters at hand:

  1. Minutes from last meeting – approved. Discussion about posting club finances onto website. Agreed that very important to do so in order to give anyone interested full information about the club and present position.
  2. Bank account – staying with HSBC – signatures being altered – not yet done but being sorted out this week.
  3. Northop Hall Pavilion – problems with triple bookings, double bookings and pitches not being available due to longer term arrangements with other clubs that have taken traditional Northop Hall Girls slots. Issues regarding dog mess, dog walking on the pitches, changing rooms not being clean and over use. Discussion had regarding the sheer number of teams going to be using the pitches now and the likelihood of total destruction before Christmas this year! Under 16s now based at Corus, Under 13s at Connahs Quay and Under 11s/12s going to be using Sychdyn and other locations. Under 10s are in discussions with a 3rd party regarding using another pitch. Dave Butler has raised this all with the committee of the Pavilion and rent owing this year will be lower due to much less usage by our teams.
  4. Dog mess is the responsibility of the individual coaches to locate and remove before matches – Pavilion Committee have indicated this in recent meeting.
  5. Connahs Quay and Corus both being considered as alternative locations although the club’s general preference is to remain in Northop Hall if at all possible, but coaches will need to book pitches a long time in advance to secure them – something difficult to do when fixtures are only released at a very late stage.
  6. Referees course – dates awaited, contact awaited. Teams to sort out referees themselves this season.
  7. Goalkeeping training – Fraser Holland, parent of Saona in the under 11s has very kindly offered to provide some sessions on Monday nights 6-7pm at Northop Hall Pavilion.
  8. Fundraising ideas:
  • Bag pack at Tescos, Morrisons or the Coop – suggested a team volunteers to do this.
  • Community Chest – £1,500 application can be made as last project completed and report returned.
  • Ten Percent Foundation – £350 donated this season so far – purchase of training equipment for under 10s and under 11s.
  • Sponsored walk up Moel Famau – yet again cropped up – suggested kick or throw the ball up.

Volunteers needed to organise all of these – contact Stu Sigsworth.

  1. League – discussion had regarding recent league news at all levels.
  2. Treasurers report: Bank account has £2,467.38. Cash amounts awaited. Steve has asked that each team provides him with a list of players so that he can keep track of who has played.

 Age Group Reports:

  • U8s – not known. Chris Goble not in attendance.
  • U9s – 12 girls signed up. At present no training gear and no kit. Planning to run training together with u6-8s. John Albiston going to ensure that one other coach always present or a DBS checked parent. Sessions on Tuesday nights 6.30-7.30pm at Deeside Leisure Centre.
  • U10s – 10 girls signed up with one new girl starting. Festival due the following week with 8 teams attending at Northop Hall. Training Wednesday nights at Mold Alun School 6-7pm. Jonathan has been for a meeting with Steve Thomas from Flintshire CC to discuss under 10s football in the area.
  • U11s – 12 girls, lot of new starters from Flint after they folded. Training at Hawarden on Mondays 6-7pm from October. No key for toilets. Going to need kit for some of the girls. Jamie Thomas coaching on own but getting parents DBS checked.
  • U12s – 16 signed on. Selection headaches! Minibus hire being considered. Dad buying a kit. Away kit being purchased (plus used for training). Deeside Leisure Centre Monday nights 6-7pm. Celsius Trade Supplies is the sponsor.
  • U13s – 13 girls registered. Connahs Quay training and matches. Costing £200 a year. Deeside Leisure Centre – Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm. Wayne doing training with assistance from others. A dad is considering doing Level 1 FAW course. Sponsorship being provided by Hayes Travel, MA Cooper and Mark Allen Construction. Tracksuits and training tops being supplied.
  • U14s – 13 girls with 2-3 extras. Clarity with pitches needed – Monday 6-7pm at Flint High School indoors.
  • U16s – 14 players plus one extra signing on. Injuries decimating the squad! Using the old Corus club at the moment – very welcoming and encouraging more teams to use it. £200 for the season. Training 8-9pm at Connahs Quay with goalkeeper training the same time. Incident recently in a game regarding opposition parents making comments to coaches during games. Dave Butler asked that all such incidents are reported to him so that they can be actioned with the league.
  • Ladies – 22 ladies- 5 wins out of 5. Elys Hughes – ex Northop Hall player has been called up into the full Welsh squad. Thursday night at Mold 7-8pm for training.

Meeting 2 hours.

Minutes of Northop Hall Girls FC AGM 23rd July 2017

Northop Hall Girls FC – AGM – 23rd July 2017


  • Dave Butler (Chair)
  • Stuart Sigsworth
  • Steve Thomas
  • Gareth Sharpe
  • Dave Cooper
  • Philippa Havill
  • Wayne Parsonage
  • Marcia Grundy
  • Mandi Coutts
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Peter Roberts


  • Jonathan Fagan
  • Mike Jones
  • Rhys Cooper
  • John Albiston

Chair’s Report

Another very successful year this year seeing a growth in our junior section 6&8s with the help of Chris Goble & John Albiston. We have the largest Club in North Wales and a good reputation for keeping Girls involved in football. We are nearly there with achieving two coaches at all age groups with some age groups having more than two!

An excellent presentation night held on June 9th celebrating the girl’s effort throughout the year Thank you to Steve Thomas for making sure the night was arranged and set up. We have had our second annual Tournament which was a huge success seeing over 600 girls playing football and enjoying the positive atmosphere. Thank you to Jonathan Fagan for organising again. Amazing job and a lot of work behind the scenes to make it work.

We have had a few issues with members of the club and parents of the club not following the procedures that everyone signs up to at the start of the season. Mainly not reporting issues/ incidents to the Safeguarding officer, Secretary and Chair this is something that will need to be monitored for the coming season. If anyone has any complaints or suggestions please let us know so we can deal with them accordingly. I hope to have more regular meetings to ensure we are all aware of what we are doing as a club. these meetings are open to all players and parents. We have been lucky enough to get sponsorship for all of our teams and this has helped towards the cost of the full kits we had at the start of the season. Stuart Sigsworth has done a great job as secretary again this year keeping the the day to day running in order.

Going forward as a club we will need more support from parents/ volunteers, Philippa has carried out the role of safeguarding/ welfare officer for several years now and is looking for someone that will take on this role so she can step down, full support will be given for this role. Pitches have become an issue due to size of our club and we had had to use different pitches for some age groups. Referees will be needed for U14s and 16s being an extra cost, training facilities have raised their price slightly. Fundraising will be something we need to look at for this coming season and any ideas are welcome. All the coaches and committee members are volunteers and give up lots of their spare time to make sure we train and play matches throughout the year. I would like to thank them all for their commitment and dedication, without them we would not have a successful girls and ladies Football club.

Secretary Report

83 players registered for U12 – U16’s – 2016/2017

U10’s not signed on for 2016-2017 due to league admin error.

Treasurers Report

All league payments up to date for 2016-2017 season.

Still to be paid – grass pitches for 2016 – 2017 – price to be confirmed with DB at next Pavilion meeting.

Steve to forward all figures when updated

Election of new committee

The following were elected:

Chairperson            Dave Butler

Secretary            Stuart Sigsworth

Treasurer            Steve Thomas

Welfare / Safeguarding Officer    TBC – to be advertised within club

Fundraiser            TBC – Proposed Rhian Bradley

Publicity / Press Officer        Stuart Sigsworth

Steve Thomas advised that this will be his final year as treasurer.

Philippa will remain as Welfare/Safeguarding officer to start the season off this year.   Job description to be completed by Philippa then advertised within the club.

Dave Cooper to confirm with Rhian Bradley that she will accept Fundraiser volunteer role.

Age Group Coaches / Helpers

  • U6        Chris Goble
  • U8        Chris Goble
  • U9        John Albiston
  • U10        Jonathan Fagan
  • U11        Jamie Thomas
  • U12        Wayne Parsonage / Will Sigsworth / Marcia Grundy
  • U14        Peter Roberts / Dan Parsons
  • U16        Dave Cooper / Rhys Cooper / Alan Thomas
  • Ladies        Steve Thomas /  Graham Hounslow / Elain Owen

Team must have two coaches / or one coach plus a parent helper minimum for each age group, this is a league requirement – the team will be unable to train without this.  All parent helpers / coaches must have an up to date DBS form (to be completed by end of October 2017) and complete a safeguarding course. coaches will need an up to date coaching qual and have signed our own code of conduct. DBS forms need to be updated every 3 years as advised by FAW.

Coach / parent helper to complete a form detailing all information – Stuart to issue to all teams.

DBS forms to be received by end of October / Safeguarding to be completed as close to this date as possible.

To be chased – Any outstanding paperwork – U6/U8s Coach DBS / Safeguarding paperwork


All referees (including parents for the younger ages) must be DBS approved.

U14’s – U16’s must have official qualified refs.  Club to pay fees of £20 per game

Wayne to confirm if three newly qualified referees in his FC Nomads team are willing to ref our home matches.

Some of the U16’s girls will be completing referee course in August – this will be a great help for future tournaments.

Code of Conduct

All parents / coaches to abide by the club’s Code of Conduct.  League / Club will be strict on this.

All parent / coaches to sign a Code of Conduct form by end of September.

Any issues on pitch must be reported to Dave Butler / Stuart Sigsworth on the same day.  Form to be drawn up by Stuart for both attending coaches to sign should any issues arise.

Code of conduct form also to be drawn up by Steve for the Ladies team.

Player Details Sheet – to be completed for each player including authorisation of photo’s – Stuart to issue form.


Subs are confirmed at:

U6 – U8        £45 per year – one off payment upon registration

U9 – U10    £8 per month (£72 total) over 9 months

U11 – U16    £15 per month (£135 total) over 9 months

Siblings to receive discounted rate charged at £8 per month.

Should parents wish they can pay a one off payment for the total cost for the year.

Steve to draw up letter and direct debit form for parents and issue to all coaches for direct debit to be started before fixtures start.

General Meeting

Matters arising from previous meeting – Steve to chase Flintshire council regarding installation of goals.

Age group reports –  player numbers / additional coaches / parent helpers to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Flyer / social media advert to go out for U16’s and U11’s as soon as possible – Mike to action.

League news and meetings – changes in league – Stuart and Marcia are taking over as League Registration Secretary and  Rebekah Hanson (Rhyl FC) is now League Secretary.

Teams must be registered by 26th July to ensure they are included in 2017-2018 fixtures and all players to be registered by 31st August.  Please return registration forms to Stuart as soon as possible.

Courses – coaches to complete DBS / Safeguarding / Leaders course as a minimum.  Parent helpers to complete DBS / Safeguarding Course. Attend club meetings.

Wayne Parsonage would like to complete a C license course with a view to a four year commitment to the club – club to look into trust grant from FAW.

Fundraising / Sponsorship

Dave B / Stuart need to be advised of any fundraising requests / sponsors gained to ensure that sponsors / potential sponsors are not approached more than once by the club.

Wayne has secured sponsorship for U13’s for jackets and training tops.

Jonathan – to reply to letter re community chest fund – responding how money was spent.

A sponsored walk up Moel Famau to be arranged for early in the season.

Tea / coffee / cups etc are under bench in the changing rooms. To be sold at home matches £1 cup. We need to purchase urn.


All teams to send information to Stuart on the Saturday afternoon following match with any information to be included in the Leader / Daily Post.

Please ensure that all social media is North Hall Girls / Ladies (remove any reference to GAP).

Tournament – to be updated by JF (I asked Geraint about extra food – £42)

Pitches for 2017 / 2018

Can all coaches book via the Northop Hall Pitches weebly booking system.  Dave Butler to query at next meeting at Pavillion the amount of sessions each team can book over season.

Any queries / issues to be emailed to Pavallion Secretary – Dave B to forward email contact.

Pitch fees at Northop to be confirmed by Dave B at next Pavillion meeting

Winter pitches need to be booked by each coach for their team.  Give Steve Thomas’s details at time of booking to ensure that invoices are sent directly to him.  This needs to be completed as soon as possible as pitches are now getting booked up.

Flint Mountain Football Club are now also using Northop Hall pitches – to be discussed at next Pavillion meeting.


Pavilion committee have advised that we cannot store equipment on site.  Dave Butler to confirm at next Pavilion meeting the insurance issue – equipment stored would be covered by Club’s insurance.


Teams to keep same kits, if any player has outgrown her kit new one to be issued without a sponsor printed on it.   Any players who are not returning to the club must return kit / jacket as soon as possible.


If any teams require any training kit please advise Dave B as soon as possible.

Query about possible meeting with North Wales coast FA,  that we have missed due to not being notified


Minutes of Northop Hall Girls FC Club Meeting 14th May 2017

Location: The Pavilion

Present: Dave Butler (chair), Steve Thomas (treasurer, Ladies), Mike Jones (u11s), Dave Cooper (u16s), Peter Roberts (u13s), Mandy Coutts (u10s Parent Rep), Stu Sigsworth (Secretary), Philippa Havill (CWO), Marcia Grundy (u12s), Jonathan Fagan (u10s).

Apologies: Gareth Sharp (u11s), Alun Thomas (u16s), Jamie Thomas (u10s), Rhys Cooper (u16s), Dan Parsons (u13s), Gary Bell (u14s).

Matters at hand:

  1. Minutes from last meeting – approved.
  2. Finances – Steve reports that we have £4,148 in the bank, but there are a number of cheques to pay in. We also have £608.56 in cash.
  3. Pavilion have asked for their money 1/2 now and then 1/2 in the new year (2018). Steve going to sort this out.
  4. Easyfundraising.org has raised £35 for the club. Cheque received and due to be banked. Coaches encouraged to tell parents to sign up for this and generate income when shopping online.
  5. New bank account – not now going to be done. Steve Thomas has spoken to the HSBC and they can enable a number of things to be done online now including changing the signatories.
  6. Dave Butler proposed we put the names of the shirt sponsors onto the website – this has not yet been done.
  7. Dave Butler noted that Rhian Bradley has been undertaking extensive fund raising efforts by looking for prizes for a raffle or tombola from the likes of Marks and Spencer and St Davids Park. The committee have noted their thanks to Rhian for her hard work and would like her to become the club fundraising officer if she wants to take the role as she is doing such a good job!
  8. Wyn’s goals. Still languishing in the garage, but Dave Cooper and Stu Sigsworth have volunteered to take sets and store them in their garages. They will also pick up the goals.
  9. Team photos – going to be sold on the presentation night – will be on the door. Steve Thomas to sort out at Asda – either taking orders or printing out copies to sell.

Age Group Reports:

  • U6s and U8s. Not in attendance.
  • U10s – 14 girls. All fine. Tournament season has started!
  • U11s – 15 girls, with new goalkeeper. Semifinal of the cup after knocking out Llangefni. All good.
  • U12s – league champions! 11 players with 2 more joining. John Ratcliffe has retired and Wayne is taking over.
  • U13s – 6th in table. 14 players.
  • U16s – 15 girls. Team spirit good. mid table finish.
  • Ladies – 19 ladies. Steve speaking to a few experienced players to re-sign for the club.

Other Business

  • Parents’ concerns – the club want parents to either speak to their parent reps or Dave Butler the Chairman with any concerns they may have.
  • Referees – 4 signed up for the referee course from the older age groups. Girls to be encouraged to do this course.
  • Kit – coaches to make sure all girls leaving have returned their kit by the 1st or 2nd of July. Age groups to retain kit and not let girls move up with it.
  • Signing on next season – going to do it by age group rather than en masse!
  • Goalkeeping – need to sort out nights – Dave Cooper has suggested Thursday nights 6-7pm at the Pavilion from the 25th May for goalkeeping sessions.
  • League news and meetings – Marcia and Stu have volunteered to do the league registrations which is great news as they may get done in good time this year!
  • Pavilion meetings – nothing much to report – new air filter going into changing rooms and price for rental for the tournament is £500.
  • Philippa is standing down as CWO – the club will need a new CWO to join. Parents encouraged to volunteer.
  • Presentation night – all coaches need to have a Managers Player, Players Player, Most Improved and Club Person. Car stickers to be sold on the night. No food – can bring own snacks etc.. Free entry suggested.
  • Jamie Thomas to sort out disco for presentation night.

Next meeting to be Sunday 18th June at 7pm at the Pavilion.

Club AGM will be on Wednesday 12th July at 7pm.

Meeting over at 9pm – bit longer tonight – 2 hours (must try harder..).