Minutes of Northop Hall Girls FC AGM 23rd July 2017

Northop Hall Girls FC – AGM – 23rd July 2017


  • Dave Butler (Chair)
  • Stuart Sigsworth
  • Steve Thomas
  • Gareth Sharpe
  • Dave Cooper
  • Philippa Havill
  • Wayne Parsonage
  • Marcia Grundy
  • Mandi Coutts
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Peter Roberts


  • Jonathan Fagan
  • Mike Jones
  • Rhys Cooper
  • John Albiston

Chair’s Report

Another very successful year this year seeing a growth in our junior section 6&8s with the help of Chris Goble & John Albiston. We have the largest Club in North Wales and a good reputation for keeping Girls involved in football. We are nearly there with achieving two coaches at all age groups with some age groups having more than two!

An excellent presentation night held on June 9th celebrating the girl’s effort throughout the year Thank you to Steve Thomas for making sure the night was arranged and set up. We have had our second annual Tournament which was a huge success seeing over 600 girls playing football and enjoying the positive atmosphere. Thank you to Jonathan Fagan for organising again. Amazing job and a lot of work behind the scenes to make it work.

We have had a few issues with members of the club and parents of the club not following the procedures that everyone signs up to at the start of the season. Mainly not reporting issues/ incidents to the Safeguarding officer, Secretary and Chair this is something that will need to be monitored for the coming season. If anyone has any complaints or suggestions please let us know so we can deal with them accordingly. I hope to have more regular meetings to ensure we are all aware of what we are doing as a club. these meetings are open to all players and parents. We have been lucky enough to get sponsorship for all of our teams and this has helped towards the cost of the full kits we had at the start of the season. Stuart Sigsworth has done a great job as secretary again this year keeping the the day to day running in order.

Going forward as a club we will need more support from parents/ volunteers, Philippa has carried out the role of safeguarding/ welfare officer for several years now and is looking for someone that will take on this role so she can step down, full support will be given for this role. Pitches have become an issue due to size of our club and we had had to use different pitches for some age groups. Referees will be needed for U14s and 16s being an extra cost, training facilities have raised their price slightly. Fundraising will be something we need to look at for this coming season and any ideas are welcome. All the coaches and committee members are volunteers and give up lots of their spare time to make sure we train and play matches throughout the year. I would like to thank them all for their commitment and dedication, without them we would not have a successful girls and ladies Football club.

Secretary Report

83 players registered for U12 – U16’s – 2016/2017

U10’s not signed on for 2016-2017 due to league admin error.

Treasurers Report

All league payments up to date for 2016-2017 season.

Still to be paid – grass pitches for 2016 – 2017 – price to be confirmed with DB at next Pavilion meeting.

Steve to forward all figures when updated

Election of new committee

The following were elected:

Chairperson            Dave Butler

Secretary            Stuart Sigsworth

Treasurer            Steve Thomas

Welfare / Safeguarding Officer    TBC – to be advertised within club

Fundraiser            TBC – Proposed Rhian Bradley

Publicity / Press Officer        Stuart Sigsworth

Steve Thomas advised that this will be his final year as treasurer.

Philippa will remain as Welfare/Safeguarding officer to start the season off this year.   Job description to be completed by Philippa then advertised within the club.

Dave Cooper to confirm with Rhian Bradley that she will accept Fundraiser volunteer role.

Age Group Coaches / Helpers

  • U6        Chris Goble
  • U8        Chris Goble
  • U9        John Albiston
  • U10        Jonathan Fagan
  • U11        Jamie Thomas
  • U12        Wayne Parsonage / Will Sigsworth / Marcia Grundy
  • U14        Peter Roberts / Dan Parsons
  • U16        Dave Cooper / Rhys Cooper / Alan Thomas
  • Ladies        Steve Thomas /  Graham Hounslow / Elain Owen

Team must have two coaches / or one coach plus a parent helper minimum for each age group, this is a league requirement – the team will be unable to train without this.  All parent helpers / coaches must have an up to date DBS form (to be completed by end of October 2017) and complete a safeguarding course. coaches will need an up to date coaching qual and have signed our own code of conduct. DBS forms need to be updated every 3 years as advised by FAW.

Coach / parent helper to complete a form detailing all information – Stuart to issue to all teams.

DBS forms to be received by end of October / Safeguarding to be completed as close to this date as possible.

To be chased – Any outstanding paperwork – U6/U8s Coach DBS / Safeguarding paperwork


All referees (including parents for the younger ages) must be DBS approved.

U14’s – U16’s must have official qualified refs.  Club to pay fees of £20 per game

Wayne to confirm if three newly qualified referees in his FC Nomads team are willing to ref our home matches.

Some of the U16’s girls will be completing referee course in August – this will be a great help for future tournaments.

Code of Conduct

All parents / coaches to abide by the club’s Code of Conduct.  League / Club will be strict on this.

All parent / coaches to sign a Code of Conduct form by end of September.

Any issues on pitch must be reported to Dave Butler / Stuart Sigsworth on the same day.  Form to be drawn up by Stuart for both attending coaches to sign should any issues arise.

Code of conduct form also to be drawn up by Steve for the Ladies team.

Player Details Sheet – to be completed for each player including authorisation of photo’s – Stuart to issue form.


Subs are confirmed at:

U6 – U8        £45 per year – one off payment upon registration

U9 – U10    £8 per month (£72 total) over 9 months

U11 – U16    £15 per month (£135 total) over 9 months

Siblings to receive discounted rate charged at £8 per month.

Should parents wish they can pay a one off payment for the total cost for the year.

Steve to draw up letter and direct debit form for parents and issue to all coaches for direct debit to be started before fixtures start.

General Meeting

Matters arising from previous meeting – Steve to chase Flintshire council regarding installation of goals.

Age group reports –  player numbers / additional coaches / parent helpers to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Flyer / social media advert to go out for U16’s and U11’s as soon as possible – Mike to action.

League news and meetings – changes in league – Stuart and Marcia are taking over as League Registration Secretary and  Rebekah Hanson (Rhyl FC) is now League Secretary.

Teams must be registered by 26th July to ensure they are included in 2017-2018 fixtures and all players to be registered by 31st August.  Please return registration forms to Stuart as soon as possible.

Courses – coaches to complete DBS / Safeguarding / Leaders course as a minimum.  Parent helpers to complete DBS / Safeguarding Course. Attend club meetings.

Wayne Parsonage would like to complete a C license course with a view to a four year commitment to the club – club to look into trust grant from FAW.

Fundraising / Sponsorship

Dave B / Stuart need to be advised of any fundraising requests / sponsors gained to ensure that sponsors / potential sponsors are not approached more than once by the club.

Wayne has secured sponsorship for U13’s for jackets and training tops.

Jonathan – to reply to letter re community chest fund – responding how money was spent.

A sponsored walk up Moel Famau to be arranged for early in the season.

Tea / coffee / cups etc are under bench in the changing rooms. To be sold at home matches £1 cup. We need to purchase urn.


All teams to send information to Stuart on the Saturday afternoon following match with any information to be included in the Leader / Daily Post.

Please ensure that all social media is North Hall Girls / Ladies (remove any reference to GAP).

Tournament – to be updated by JF (I asked Geraint about extra food – £42)

Pitches for 2017 / 2018

Can all coaches book via the Northop Hall Pitches weebly booking system.  Dave Butler to query at next meeting at Pavillion the amount of sessions each team can book over season.

Any queries / issues to be emailed to Pavallion Secretary – Dave B to forward email contact.

Pitch fees at Northop to be confirmed by Dave B at next Pavillion meeting

Winter pitches need to be booked by each coach for their team.  Give Steve Thomas’s details at time of booking to ensure that invoices are sent directly to him.  This needs to be completed as soon as possible as pitches are now getting booked up.

Flint Mountain Football Club are now also using Northop Hall pitches – to be discussed at next Pavillion meeting.


Pavilion committee have advised that we cannot store equipment on site.  Dave Butler to confirm at next Pavilion meeting the insurance issue – equipment stored would be covered by Club’s insurance.


Teams to keep same kits, if any player has outgrown her kit new one to be issued without a sponsor printed on it.   Any players who are not returning to the club must return kit / jacket as soon as possible.


If any teams require any training kit please advise Dave B as soon as possible.

Query about possible meeting with North Wales coast FA,  that we have missed due to not being notified