Minutes of Committee Meeting 4th March 2018

Northop Hall Girls FC Meeting Minutes – 4th March 2018

Attended: Steve Thomas, Mark Small, Jane Bellis, Stu Sigsworth, Mandy Coutts, Mike Jones, Marcia Grundy, Dave Cooper, Jonathan Fagan, Mark Allen

Apologies Peter, Dan, Jamie, John Albiston, Philippa

Minutes from last meeting accepted. Jonathan proposed and Jane seconded.

Chairman’s notes
Feedback from recent correspondence – club needs to get together and stop being so fragmented. Concerns about training at different times, different kit, cohesion needed. Chairman has done skills checking, self assessment forms for each coach to fill out etc.. Aiming to get them all back today. 7 email responses from different coaches etc.. about the state of the club. Positive generally but stuff to work on.

Treasurers report
Paid all bills apart from Jamie’s invoices. Issues about Aura invoicing each coach. Steve going to prepare for October now and block book now for everyone.
Grass pitches – looking at £700 for the Pavilion.
Bank account balance: not yet got
Cash: not yet got
Subs – not bad at all.
Charity Commission – Steve Thomas indicated that he had now submitted accounts. These were the figures he had prepared for the end of the season and not for April 2016 to March 2017. Will need to see if the charity commission accept them.
Aura – update. Need constitution and DBS list – Stu has a list of all the numbers for the club. Steve trying to coordinate all the invoices to come together.

Age Groups
Under 8s –
Under 9s – now have kit
Under 10s – not done anything since last time and nothing to report.
Under 11s –
Under 12s – not played a lot – losing streak, challenging to get the girls on. Issues re how to get all the girls playing. Lots of players potentially coming into the team next season as well. Discussion re mixing the age groups next year. Mike thinks enough teams to split into two. Consideration whether we can arrange to split the teams next year into groups not based on age within the two age years for each league. Under 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s and 14s.
Mike to email Jane re age groups and approaching the league about the age split.
Under 13s – getting beaten but enjoying it!
Under 14s –
Under 16s – lost most recent games – Wrexham – played really well. Bethel – not the best of experiences!
Ladies – Welsh FA are running the league. Chaos. Everyone is back in the league. Rhyl also in. Fixtures – 26 in 16 weeks. Asked about playing midweek fixtures. top of the league and in the final of the NEWFA cup.

Confidential Discussion – if anyone within the club would like to read this section please email under10s@northophallgirlsfc.co.uk

GetLogod – proposed as a supplier but still not agreed…
Same discussion as previous meetings re kit. Mike Jones wants to do a kit swap – this was agreed.
Jonathan proposed we sort out a kit supplier we can go to as it is embarrassing for the club not to be able to offer new parents kit and for it to take months to sort out.
Jane suggested a signing on night and kit return night. 1 week after the tournament, so possibly the 7/8 July or thereabouts. All players to return kit. One coach to hand down kit from their team to the next coach. Anything missing needs to be noted. Agreed by all present.
Supplier suggested – Jane’s connection. Costs are Kit £25 adults, £23 kids. John Wainwright – kit supplier. Discount for full team order. Supplies Lotto kit. Jane to get samples.


46 teams now signed up, a few paid already and 64 teams expected in total. Parking at the archery area. St Johns ambulance contacted. Meeting in April to discuss tournament and organise. Referees – need to get some booked in. Steve Thomas going to ask referees to cover for 1st July.

Bethan available to ref games now.

Ladies – football news
£750 cheque given for getting to the quarter finals of the Welsh Cup. Committee offered their congratulations to the Ladies team.

Presentation Night
Saturday 16th June. Connahs Quay Navy Club.
Trophies – Jane going to look at prices for trophies for the tournament/presentation night.

Next meeting Sunday 8th April. 7pm NHGFC Pavilion.
Tournament entries for 2018 – agreed that the club will fund £60 per age group. All coaches to be made aware.