Minutes of AGM 14th August 2016

Minutes of the Northop Hall AGM 2016

Sunday 14th August 2016 at Northop Hall Pavilion

  1.  Attendees :-
    Steve Thomas, Dave Cooper, Phillippa Havill, Dave Butler, Gareth Sharpe, Jonathan Fagan, Rhys Cooper, Alan Thomas, Mandy, Peter Roberts & Darren Parsons.
  2.  Apologies:-
    Chris Owens, Stuart Sigsworth, Gary Bell, Mike Jones, Marcia Grundy & John Ratcliffe.
  3.  Minutes of previous AGM agreed:-
    Agreed by Dave Cooper & seconded by Philippa Havill.
  4.  Chairman Report:-
    A good year for the club & we seem to be going in the right direction, he thanked Jonathan Fagan for organising the first tournament that the club had ever held, which has raised approx. £1600. We set our stall out to ensure we have a minimum of 2 coaches per team & Dave reiterated this to not only protect our coaches but to ensure that the children receive the correct standard of coaching. With this in mind again he reiterated that each coach must have at least first aid, welfare & their Level One coaching badge. He also congratulated the ladies on winning the North Wales Women’s League. We have now officially pulled away from GAP Nomads (PR asked) how does this affect us, we just become a stand-alone club again thus meaning we would need to buy new kits & change the club badge , bank account etc. But it would not affect anything else.
    The club has now become a registered charity & this will hopefully help us bring more funding into the club. More info will follow on this.

League meetings – Dave cannot attend Monday nights and has asked if the club can draw up a schedule for people to go along to every meeting.

  1.  Secretary Report:-
    We need a more organised method of receiving our registration fees off the players, also a way of knowing what’s outstanding. All registration packs are now available for the new season along with Code of Conduct for each player.
  2.  Treasurer Report:-
    The current bank balance is £1,370.98 & we have cash totalling £1,251.68 (this does not include money from the tournament (approx. £1,600) which will be banked in the next week. As we have now become a charity we have to have a detailed finance report, to assist in the enablement of this we need to control the registration fees & who pays what & when (copy of the current finance spreadsheet is below).  The main expenditure last season was again pitch fees which now includes £1,100 for the use of the grass pitches in Northop Hall. The Club Insurance has been paid for the coming season, the outstanding claim we had against us has now been closed with no further action required.

NHGFC Accounts Sheet 2016 prepared by Steve Thomas Treasurer NHGFC

  1.  Safeguarding Officer Report:-
    No issues have been raised throughout the season but we do have the ongoing court case outstanding where a previous player has put in a claim against the club for an injury she sustained whilst playing for us in 2011, this has being closed with no further action required. Philippa again reiterated like our Chairman about the importance of having at least 2 coaches at each training session & games. The issue that was raised at the tournament has been dealt with, with no further action.
  2.  Re-Election of Club Officials:-
    Current Officials
    Chairman – Dave Butler
    Secretary – Stu Sigsworth
    Treasurer – Steve Thomas
    Safe Guarding Officer – Philippa Havill
    Minutes – Steve Thomas
  3.  New Elections
    Chairman – Dave Butler, proposed by Jonathan Fagan & seconded by Steve Thomas
    Secretary – Stuart Sigsworth, proposed by Dave Butler & seconded by Dave Cooper
    Treasurer – Steve Thomas, proposed by Dave Butler & seconded by Philippa Havill  ****It was agreed however to look for a treasurer who is not a club coach****.
    Safe Guarding – Philippa Havill, proposed by Steve Thomas & seconded by Dave Butler
    Minutes – It was agreed that any of the people present at each meeting will take the minutes & they would be sent to Jonathan Fagan to put on our website.
  4.  Election of Club / Team Managers
    Current Managers                                  Proposed Managers
    U6/8 –  Gareth Sharpe                            Chris Goble / John Albiston
    U10 – Mike Jones / Jonathan Fagan      Jonathan Fagan / Jamie Thomas
    U11 – Matt Jones                                     Mike Jones / Gareth Sharpe
    U12 – Chris Owen                                   Marcia Grundy / John Ratcliffe
    U13 – Did Not Exist                                 Peter Roberts / Darren Parsons
    U14 – Dave Cooper                                 Gary Bell + ??????
    U16 – Steve Thomas                               Dave Cooper, Rhys Cooper, Alan Thomas
    Ladies – Hefin Roberts                           Steve Thomas

****Note – DBS, Welfare, 1st Aid & Leaders courses must all be completed prior to any new managers being able to coach by themselves.

  1.  Subs for 2015/16 season
    U6/8 – £45
    U10 – £60
    U11 – £120
    U12 – £120
    U14 – £120
    U16 – £120
    Ladies – £120
    ***Note anyone with a 2nd child will get a 25% discount on the lower payment & anyone with a 3rd child would pay the same as the second child. The U6/8 & 10’s will be a one off payment & all others split with a £70 fee with registration followed by a £50 fee by the 15th February 2017.


  • Name of club – Will be known as Northop Hall Girls & Ladies.
  • Everyone needs to make sure the pitches are booked on www.northophallpitch.weebly.com
  • Some teams have booked winter pitches and the rest will be booked shortly. If anyone has any preference then you need to speak to Steve Thomas.
  • Club Rule – If we have 2 teams within the same age group then it will be split by school year to determine which team each player plays for.
  • Equipment – Jonathan noted that last year the Ten-Percent Foundation donated £657.50 to the club to purchase new equipment and will be happy to assist with any teams requiring equipment in this season. For the 2016 season the charity has already funded new goals, balls, a first aid kit and pop up goals for the under 13s (£505.15), balls, pop up goals, bibs, cones and a ball bag for the under 11s (£166.99) and balls, pop up goals and quick goals for the under 10s (£244.33). Please contact Jonathan via under10s@northophallgirlsfc.co.uk with any proposed purchases. For details of the charity please visit www.ten-percent.co.uk/charitable-trust.
  • Community Chest application – made by Jonathan Fagan to the total of £1,500. Response awaited from Flintshire Council.


AGM closed


04.07.2016 Tournament Info

We managed to raise over £1,400 from the club tournament on the 2nd and 3rd July. A huge thanks to all who attended, helped out and supported the event.